An open 3D world, inspired by Minecraft. This game is based on the public Ethereum blockchain that allows a Metaverse where players can play, rent virtual properties "LAND", develop their creations, and spend ERC-20 tokens in the game, SAND, creating a marketplace the only one that monetizes your creativity and skills on the platform.
Its strong emphasis on decentralization, a key idea of cryptocurrencies, allows the use of its native token SAND in the game to implement its five functionalities: buy, trade, play, create and govern.
The main problem of the Sandbox is decentralization. Since the developers used pre-mining, the question of SAND transaction processing on the platform remains open. There is no information so far on what kind of authentication algorithm will be used and how the platform will incentivize the processing nodes. It seems the recording of transfers to the blockchain is provided centrally.

My Neighbor Alice

An open-world game with a strong visual identity based on positive images and cuteness, intended for non-blockchain skilled players as the 12 primary target group. Also catering to an underserved market, women, who are a large base of players but with less purposely created content. As a result, this game doesn’t attract many male players.

Axie Infinity

A game with cute graphics, and similar gameplay. It also intends to not only be for blockchain experts. And we are happy that Axie Infinity shares similar goals in letting users be part of controlling the development of the game. The gameplay of Axie Infinity is pretty similar to Poco but with the following development, we have recognized and fixed quite a few problems of Axie Infinity. A disadvantage when comparing Axie with Poco is that the transaction costs in the NFT exchange are relatively high at about 4.25%. And the number of transactions is unlimited, leading to easy inflation in the long run. In contrast, Poco's transaction fee is much lower than Axie's, at around 3.5%. Plus, Poco will take measures to avoid inflation. For example, the upgrade mechanism.
Additionally, Poco is the first game for a large global audience of players in general. Absolutely no prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies is needed. Because of that, we compare mainly with the normal game market, and target the same players. A much bigger audience than previously seen in the field of blockchain gaming, and an associated larger opportunity for revenues.