There are 10 ways to play and earn from the Poco game:

  • Participating in PvE, PvP, and tournaments

  • Completing daily quests

  • Selling game materials collected from gaming and tournaments on the marketplace

  • Exchanging, buying & sell the Poco characters on the NFT marketplace

  • Joining Pocoland Minigames

  • Participating in Staking Pools, they can lock their POCO Tokens in specific pools including POCOX, Poco Launchpool...

  • Land & Crop (Arena Renting, Farming Renting, Training ground Renting…). Besides receiving rewards from doing in-game business, land renters need to complete certain in-game tasks

  • Refer other players to Poco through the referral system

  • Guild Building

  • Promoting and shilling

When spending your time playing games, doing daily quests, or joining our events players will have a chance to gain some rare items, game equipment, POCOLOVE Token. Those game resources will help users upgrade the skills of their Poco characters or play the role of the necessary factor of breeding the offspring. The new Poco will be exchanged on the NFT market at a good price. Besides, players also can bring those game items to sell on the NFT market directly to earn more Poco tokens.


The arena can consist of 1 vs 1 battles. A Player can build their squad including four Poco warriors from their collection to combat opponents in each round. They need to defeat their enemies to gain rewards for their effort. Matchups will be determined automatically by the system, and between players with similar point accumulations - however, there is no discrimination between player levels.

These games on Poco are in turn-based combat type which means players and their units act in turns when joining the combat, hence, to become the winner, players must build a powerful team with Poco warriors owning full skills (Wind, Water, Fire, Dark, Light) and great tactics to combine those skills in the best way.


  • A completed fighting formation requires 4 Pocos. Players are able to arrange Poco’s position or select a pre-arranged formation before entering the combat

  • The combat is turn-based, which means there will be specific order and target for each turn during the battle

  • The order of attack will be determined by Poco's speed

  • There is a time limit for each combat. In the case of failure to defeat all Poco of the opponent within the time limit, the attacking player will be considered to lose the combat. A player will be able to speed up the combat speed by selecting “x2”

PvP Rank Mode

  • PVP Rank is played with the model “Attack and Defense”. When playing the game (online), players can use their “Attack” formation to engage in battles

  • Successful Attack or Defense will result in increased points for the player’s Rank. Failure in doing so will result in otherwise (losing Rank points)

  • In the case of a failed “Defense”, the player will be notified once online and is able to raid against the attacker

Rank & Rewards

There are 3 types of rewards: Mission, Rank Reward and Seasonal Reward. Qualified players will be rewarded with POCO tokens or Special Equipment.

  • Mission: can be daily missions and does not involve competition between players

  • Rank Reward: The duration of the Rank lasts monthly. Players are rewarded by their Rank, which is: Apprentice < Elite < Noble < Poco Legends. Rank Reward is available for 'Poco Legends' Rank onwards

  • Seasonal Reward: Each game season is expected to last for 90 days. Players will receive their rewards at the end of each season based on their accumulated achievement

Bet Matchmaking

  • In PVP mode particularly, there will be a “Pick Rival” window that generates random opponents arranged according to your Rank points (+-10%). The number of opponents displayed is unlimited. Players can proceed into battle with any of the opponents displayed in this “Pick Rival” window

  • Displayed information about the opponent includes: Avatar, Name, User Level, Power Estimation, Rank Badge, and Rank points

  • Before battle players can bet POCO tokens or Equipment. Whoever wins will take the rewards

  • Players also can challenge any player they want to bet on the battle

  • Poco Sandbox: Players can use their squad practicing using 1 POCOLOVE. Winners can keep their POCOLOVE back while others lose 1 POCOLOVE


Tournament is a Monthly event for all players in the Poco ecosystem. To be a participant, players need to purchase a ticket. The more tickets sold, the more valuable the reward increases!

Rule of the weekly tournament: Players will compete with each other to find the winners. The prizes will be distributed among them based on their rank.

Besides, Poco will rank the players with their total win combat on the monthly leaderboard, then award them to the top 3.

Account Upgrade

Initially, users own 100 energies to participate in PvE and PvP. In order to extend the energy capacity, users need to lock their POCO Tokens.

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