Poco crop is the Poco's hometown and is divided into individual plots of land which act as homes and farms for their Pocos. Plots can be improved over time using a variety of resources and crafting ingredients that can be found throughout the game.
In addition, land-owners might find seeds on their land plots, or use the Pocos that occupy the land plot to explore resource nodes on the map. When interacting with resource nodes Pocos can find resources that can potentially be used to upgrade an individual farm or Pocos.

4 Categories in Poco Crop:

  • Arena: Where PvP, PvE, and Tournaments take place, the owner’s responsibilities are collecting entry fees from players. Users can also purchase Energy to join more battles
  • Poco Town: Place of breeding activities, home renting take place
  • Training: Where users can lock their POCO Tokens to level up their Poco characters, they can also rent Poco characters from other users using POCOLOVE
  • Workshop: Where users can upgrade items and do items trade-ups, purchase in-game products
In addition, the gameplay will be constantly updated along with the continuous organization of events so that players do not get bored.